This letter is our personal representative to shake your
    hand and welcome you among us.
    We at Superior Paper Products have found that “less is
    more.” A small converting company, we offer only quality
    products with competitive price tags. We back every
    order with fast, personalized service and production
    flexibility - with success due to the dedication and talent
    of a select group of team players.
    The signing of an order is an expression of confidence,
    and we want you to know that we recognize the
    responsibility we have for maintaining that confidence.
    We would like to be useful to you beyond the mere
    necessities of business transaction - to handle your
    unexpected delays or order changes easily and quickly,
    stop production on "not -so- urgent" stock items, meet
    every delivery requirement, make way for your "rush
    orders" - to have at your beck and call every facility of
    our company.
    It is our aim to contribute everything possible to your
    continued growth, and Superior Paper Products will be
    constantly seeking new ways in which to serve your
    business. Your priority is our personal priority.


    Toni Albrecht
    Director, Administration
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